Friday, June 1, 2012

Update on the Franken-thumb

My scheduled 1 hr out patient surgery for Thursday went out the window when pus started coming out of the base of my hip-thumb on Wednesday. After describing my situation to one of my docs I was told that I would have a hospital bed and bags of antibiotics waiting for me in Palo Alto. After checking it out in person he felt there was no advantage to having a rushed surgery but I was moved up the list for the next mornings procedures. Of all the outcomes I feel I lucked out; the finger is now about 3/4 inches shorter, but the tissue looks good and they think the stuff I saw was from the end/dead part of the finger and the hip bone (and more importantly to me) my hand do not look to be at risk. They are still hitting me hard with antibiotics 4 times per day, but I will be able to leave on oral drugs once the cultures come in. Who would've guessed that I would be more scared 9 months after the injury than I was in my Maui hospital bed?

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  1. Hi John, I am sure that the stress of knowing for a while that the thumb was looking a bit peaked at the top was totally exhausting and frightening. I am glad to hear they cleaned it up and you are getting some antibiotics for any residual bacteria. Take a deep breath and as always, take care. Margaret