Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bringing the hospital experience home

Sure I was released from the hospital last Wed but that doesn't mean that I had to miss out on all the "fun".
That's because an outside agency has been shipping drugs and supplies to the house and taught my parents to hang IV antibiotics and flush a line that goes right into an artery. 
This is expected to continue for another 5 (or more) weeks.

Unfortunately neither one of my parents ever dreamed of being an RN so we all get to suffer.

The good news is that one of the antibiotics was switched so I no longer have 8hr injections and everyone gets to sleep in.

Oh yeah. 
Anthem sent me a letter approving part of my prosthetic arm... the non-myoelectric parts.
It's not over yet.


  1. Wow. I cannot imagine; I only make attempts to envision this with what you have written. I wish there was something I could do to tangibly help. Some ideas though will email you.
    And ugh...thanks Anthem! :-(

    Thoughts for a better tomorrow!

  2. Well John if you cant bring the patient to the hospital then bring the hospital to the patient. I've met your mom and I'm sure your dad is equally as amazing, I bet they are proud of your endurance and ambition.
    You are still my hero......expectantly every time I read your posts. Keep it up!