Monday, August 4, 2014

The Green Gong (and more)

I have been lucky enough to swim in the ocean 5 days a week for quite awhile and although all the swims have been great I have a few that I wanted to post.

1st.  The Green Gong.

Yeah, I know I told you that we swam the "Bell" not too long ago, but a few weeks later Bill motored us out to the "Gong" and we swam into Kelly.  

The Green Gong.  Note the three upside down bronze saucers with the 2 mallets.  The Green Bell has a small brass bell.

Tom and Gabor

The swimmers and Capt Bill pre-swim  (from left:  Dan, Tom, Bill, Joel, Randy, Gabor)
 These two buoys are always on my mind when I'm on the beach or bike trail; On some days they seem so close and easy that an out-and-back seems do-able, but other days they might as well be the Farallones.  For this swim it was perfect.

We didn't have much sun, but the water was flat and slightly warmer (55?) and we could SEE!

Swimming in Hawaii and SoCal you are spoiled by great water visibility.  SF Bay swimmers and HMB swimmers rarely can see 6 feet below, but out at the buoy we had +20 and were able to see (and touch) a dozen moon jellies - they are white/bluish and semi-transparent and I think they feel like touching a water balloon in a bucket of water.

The ice baths in New Mexico did the trick for Joel.  He was still smiling at the end.

Walking in at Kelly (A rarity)

2nd:  Candlestick to Ocean Beach Relay
This one was nuts!

Gabor swam the entire distance and was so strong and comfortable in the water that even after 4.5 hrs of swimming he told Roper that he didn't need to turn on the cars heat for the way back to the Club... because he was "fine".

For the rest of us (A relay of 11 swimmers - swimming in pairs and a trio) the dark o'clock wake up was harder than our 30 min legs.  Great fun.

Gabor stretching before getting in

(Most of) The 11:  Tom, Jim, Nicole, Doug, Kique, Joel, Judith, Lezlee, Bill, me  (Nancy is behind the phone/camera)
Joel, Nicole, Bill after 1st round

Judith (My swim buddy)
Kique, Jim and Gabor outside the Gate (Look how smooth it was!)
3rd:  Golden Gate Swim with Joel and the SERC
Joel wrapped up his crazy swim week (the above swims,a SMAC pool workout, a jetty swim and theTrans Tahoe Relay) with a GG Crossing.

Who wouldn't enjoy a swim under the Golden Gate Bridge?
I have zero pictures of it, so you'll have to trust me that everyone had a great time.

I am so lucky to have found people who love this as much as I do.
I hope the swim adventures keep coming.