Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This might hurt a bit

This morning I went into the pain clinic for the neuroma that has grown in my right arm. 
Most of you will not know what a neuroma is (I certainly didn't), but it is a nerve that has gone rogue.
My neuroma is about the size of a bean and acts like a button labelled "press here for pain".

Typical treatment is to inject a variety of substances in and/or around the nerve mass to numb it.
The biggest downside is that even if the injections work, they only last a few weeks to several months.
Knowing this, I had hoped to have it surgically removed (especially after reading that the location and size of my neuroma should increase the success rate of surgical removal without it re-growing).

Unfortunately when you walk into a pain clinic you have to follow their protocol so they did an injection guided by ultrasound.

As the doctor ran the probe down my ulnar nerve it turned from a tube to a bowling ball.
"Well, that's not very subtle" he says (duh!).

So then he starts to inject into the neuroma and I am right back to Sept 3rd - laying in the back of a Maui ambulance quietly begging for morphine.  I have never claimed to be tough, but these two instances were the most pain I have ever experienced.  When he was done the pain at the neuroma was almost completely gone, but I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

On the upside, it's taken my mind off the fact that they may remove the plate holding the hip-bone that's connected to my hand on Monday (I'll find out by Friday). 


  1. heya John....so sorry about the yucky neuroma treatment. I had an acute bout of sciatica a bunch of years ago (nowhere to compare with what you have gone through) but it was my first real experience with nerve pain. I crawled around the house (it was still excruciating but I could not stand) and slept on the floor in the fetal position while the pain blasted away. Man, it was awful. Hope you get good news about the hip-bone plate!! Margaret

  2. John,
    As you describe the pain its almost like I feel it or at least can relate ...... somewhat. After receiving 6 pins and some rope to re-attach my muscle to my arm bone from a jet ski accident during training (65 days prior to Sept 3rd) I too would never do again, way to painful.
    Hope for good news Friday on the plate. Grant

  3. Hey John!!! Catching up on things with you after a few days with my sister and her family in Utah.

    The front landscape looks great! I can imagine what it will look like when all the plants have grown up! Save that H2O!! :) You and your family are overcoming some huge challenges. Your energetic and positive outlook on life WILL keep you going :)

    love you!