Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going native

My front lawn was once green and healthy.
I used to pull the occasional weed, monitored the sprinkler timers and (sometimes) mowed it.
I had a gardener that would feed and aerate it and pitch in when I slacked on my mowing duties.
Then my gardener moved away and my lawn mourned.
Then I moved to SoCal, the gophers moved in and my lawns condition became terminal.

When I came back home I decided that I was going to dig it all out and replace it with a yard that could survive a non-gardener owner, but then I saw something shiny...

Luckily for me (and my neighbors), Nicole made saving my front yard her mission....
and when Nicole wants something done - It gets done.

So while I was in the hospital dealing with an infection, a large group was busy at work.

From what I heard:
Pete from East Bay Wilds donated the design, a crew, some plants and directed the install. 
Jay, Jeff, Nancy, George, Gabor and my dad strained and sweated.
And Katie supplied sandwiches & cookies (This would have brought a big crowd if published ahead of time)

Thanks to all.


  1. Beautiful!!! What great friends!!! :-)

  2. John, it looks absolutely fabulous!! Hope you and your folks are doing well and that the antibiotics are doing their thing!!! Best, Margaret