Monday, June 4, 2012


I had my tunnel PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line installed this morning so now I can have my IV antibiotics and blood draws done from a single port for the next few weeks. Once we get the last antibiotic nailed down by the ID (infectious disease dept) and set up some home care I should be able to leave. Hopefully this will be tomorrow because my roomie has been trying my patience. I know it's not fun being in the hospital and that stress and fear can bring out the worse traits in a person, but I have yet to hear "please" or "thank you" even one time from this guy and he is pretty high maintenance. A couple of nights ago he barked at the phlebotomist for turning on too many lights before making a blood draw and he even complained that his dinner showed up 10 minutes too EARLY!!! A real piece of work.


  1. Hope you can get out of there SOON! Bummer about the high maintenance roommate. Situations like that make you appreciate home even more?
    Best wishes!!! (and extra patience)

  2. Aw, John! Get back here soon. Man, I really hope that nasty infection clears up. I didn't know that had come up. Please let us know if we can do anything for you or your Mom or Dad!!

  3. Hiya's too bad about your roommate. Maybe he didn't use a lot of "please" or "thank you" before he was the hospital either. That's always a shame. Any word on when they might be able to identify the bacteria type? I sure hope it's soon so you can got outta there. We are thinking about you and hoping to find you you are home. Take care...Margaret