Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Strike 2

Last night they removed the metal plate holding the piece of my hip-bone that is standing in for my thumb and shaved down enough of the bone to close it back up.

The franken-thumb is a bit smaller, but the doc says he's still hopeful that the bone will continue to fuse with my hand.

I now have to keep my eye on it (check) and if there is any sign of infection the bone will be removed.

I'd cross my fingers if I could, but am relieved to know that my native hand is not at risk of getting smaller.

Here's a picture of the plate and screws that were in my hand.
I had no idea they were this long.  
Now I'm curious as to how they removed them.


  1. How did the rest of the week go? I hope better than it started.

  2. John,
    I didn't realize how much I was asking, when I asked you to take a photo of us after our Aquatic Park swim. :-) Thanks for going for it, and both pictures turned out fine. Nice to meet you out on the pier at South End Rowing Club today. I've been reading your blog, pretty much start to finish. You're truly an inspiration. I'll continue to follow on-line, but look forward to seeing you around again, in person. I'll post your photos soon.
    Tim from PCC masters in RWC.