Friday, January 10, 2014

Will Swim For Food Update

The "Will Swim For Food" swim around the Santa Cruz Pier happened several weeks ago (Dec 14)

No, I did not drown or get molested by marine mammals.
I wanted to be able to post some photos and needed to get them off my moms phone/dropbox (which took awhile)... then my laptop started to fail.
(Sounds like "The dog ate my homework", but it's true).

Ok, enough excuses

The details:
  • There were +70 swimmers
  • The event raised nearly $73K for food banks (each swimmer selected a local food bank)
  • My team of six raised $3,095 for the HMB "No Strings Attached Breakfast"
  • The water was cool (about 51 degrees), but the winds were light and the sun was out
  • There were plenty of ducks

But my favorite was the one made by Ann that I towed (until we were separated) around the Pier.
Yes, those are nuts (Our team name was "the Frozen Nuts").
Although he didn't make the full swim with me, we were reunited on the beach.
  •  And we all had a blast! 
 The team:

Kique, Nicole, me, Joel, Lezlee, Gabor

 my buddy Chris (who prefers to be "on the water" vs "in the water")
 and my parents (that made the trip, but somehow dodged the camera).

Thanks again to all that donated and/or swam - especially Nick (that set this all up).
I'm already looking forward to Dec 2014.


Hector Picard changing a flat tire on his road bike
...without ANY fingers!!!

He makes it look easy, but I know better.
I hope my riding buddies never make me do this.