Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stanford is a nice place but...

I really don't want to live here. Met with my doctor this morning and he says that it looks better than he thought it would. He also said that most surgeons would have been happy with the skin he transferred from my groin/hip. The tissue is now considered safe, but unfortunately I am not in the clear yet. The Infectious Diseases Team are treating me with the assumption that I have a bone infection (worst case) and will have me on intravenous antibiotics for (+/-) 6 weeks with regular visits to their offices. (yippee!) The good new: I will be able to have the injections done at home (possibly by my parents)once my PIC line is in and they decide on the best drug cocktail. And more bad news: They have not been able to ID the 2nd bacteria yet AND it does not look like I will get my port in until +2 more nights in the hospital. On the upside I have been able to walk around the grounds more and even visited with some of my nurses from D2.

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  1. Hey John!!! Love from me, shawn and the rest of the McKeever clan! We love you, keep smiling friend.