Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday in Santa Cruz

Lezlee, Gabor, Joel, Betty, Gus, me, Nicole (My parents were there too)
I spent Saturday morning swimming around the Santa Cruz Pier with friends and together we raised more than $3K for the Half Moon Bay "No Strings Attached Breakfast" Program
(The event raised $40K with 50(?) swimmers).

The water was not warm, but the air temp probably made the spectators colder than I felt in the water.

Plenty of great ducks (I'll link/post picks of them as I find them).
Yes, I got to pull one! (Joels duck was not satisfied with its Thanksgiving swim in HMB)

Chris didn't get to swim this year, but he still drove over and paddled his outrigger canoe next to Nicole and me.
Trying to stay warm before the start.  Where's Nicole?  Check out Gabors cool Super Duck.
I'm still swimming with (very long) fins - I may have to from now on - but so happy to be out in the salt water with the gang.

Thanks Mom and Dad for making the trip and for hauling our towels/clothes from the start to the finish.

Note:  Joel kicked the 1 mile despite having heart surgery less than two weeks ago.  What a stud!  (Now you know one of the reasons I don't whine very often.)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Going solo

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

I haven't posted in awhile.
Guess I am starting to feel like my life is becoming as unremarkable as it was pre-Maui.

I can happily report that I survived my first week of living solo. 
Sure I considered using a hammer to open a pasta sauce jar and I am glad that there are no cameras to see how I get through the day, but I now have proof it's possible. 

I even upped the degree of difficulty by riding my cruiser to the store and buying 3 bags of groceries today...after a morning swim in the Pacific with the gang.