Saturday, April 20, 2013

Test Swim

"It's not what you know,
It's who you know"

Couldn't be more true for me on Friday.
In this case (and many others), my "who" was Joel.
Joel knows a LOT of people and also happens to be close friends with the legendary Bob Roper.
And when you're friends with Bob, you get to do some very cool things - including "test swims".

For those of you that don't participate in ocean swims - "test swims" involve throwing out a small group of swimmers into the water the day before an event to confirm the jump time and course.

On Friday, our "test swim" was an Alcatraz to the South End Rowing Club (SERC) showers...
And it was amazing.

Thank you so much Joel and Bob.
And thanks to all those that shared the water with me (Nancy, Randy, Gabor, Jim, Lezlee, Denise, the Arizona swimmers, Kathy and Susan from the SERC and the crew of the Hyperfish).

We did know that this big guy was passing through.
  Thanks go to Jeff  for driving me to/from HMB, for keeping us straight, safe, and for the pictures.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh yes I did

Today I tried a new recipe: "3 Finger brownies"
You'd think cracking the eggs would be difficult...and it is.
But not as hard as stirring the mixture and transferring it to the pan.
And then I nearly dropped the 350F pan.
They are not the best brownies I've ever had, but I'm proud of them.