Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The full treatment

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post on Saturday, but it had been a(n extra) tough couple of weeks.
What I didn't share was that on Friday night I reached for something and felt a sharp pain in my hand.
The pain I felt was one of the two tendons that had been freed up breaking.
Along with a string of sunny days on the coast, this week also brought me the good news that the 2nd (and more important) tendon was still working so there is still some hope that the surgery was not a bust.

Now for the lighter side:
There are plenty of things that I still haven't fully figured out how to do on my own again, but dealing with my finger and toenails has been high on the list.  I have kept my nails ultra short since my high school water polo days (yeah, that long ago) and permanently losing 7 fingernails has not made this job easier. 

When I was with my sister she'd grab a pair of clippers before my nails were longer than hers and my parents have each clipped the remaining nails once, but only after some pleading.

Enter Galaxy Nails in Half Moon Bay.
I'd never had a pedicure or manicure and had rejected the option every time my mom suggested it, but when the red-tailed hawks started looking at my toenails with envy, I caved.

Walking into the shop was more than a little intimidating, but my mom pointed at a chair and the next thing I know my feet are in a bowl of hot water...with flowers.

The place was probably a lot quieter than normal when I first sat down, but then one of the ladies got up the courage to ask me about my arm and hand then everyone in the shop had something to to say.
Brenda did a great job.
She wouldn't let me just have my nails cut; she had to file them, fix my cuticle and do a bunch of other things that I've never done for myself.

I'm sure my feet have never looked... or smelled better.