Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surgery a Success

Mom here - John had his first of three surgeries today at Stanford Medical Center. Surgery took 5 1/2 hours and doctor has deemed it a success baring any unforeseen problems. Dr. Chang removed a piece of John's hip-about as long as his pinky finger and attached it to his left hand. He then made a tube out of skin in his abdomen and attached the "new thumb/post there. It will be attached for approximately three weeks. The doctor will then remove the thumb/post from his abdomen. It will be covered with skin and have it's own blood supply. This is what we are hoping will happen.
John is experiencing a lot of pain in the area where the hip bone was removed and the doctors say that this is to be expected. They will be keeping him in bed until at least Saturday in a part of the hospital that is semi-ICU. Only two visitors are allowed at any time, so please call me before if you are planning on making a visit. I will try to update this on a regular basis. Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts sent John's way.


  1. Big hugs to John!! CJ told us yesterday that surgery went well. The Yen-Wangs won't tax you all with a visit now but maybe when John is moved, and of course, if he feels up to it. Best to all, Margaret