Friday, April 20, 2012

From the Ritz Carlton to Motel 6

John survived his first night at Lytton Gardens. After being at Stanford for 7 days this is definitely a step down, but it is very clean, the staff is great, but the food certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Stanford is certainly the Ritz Carlton of hospitals and we all got spoiled. He went to p.t. today and said that the therapist is great. Worked a lot on his range of motion on this right arm and had John riding on some kind of special bike that allowed John to work on building up his left leg (where they removed the bone)and also working on his gait. He goes to the doctor on Tuesday to have the drain removed and then 10 days later will be "freedom day" when the thumb will be removed from his groin. Then lots and lots of physical therapy-which I think he is actually looking forward to. His spirit is great and he is very positive. Thanks for all the text messages and emails to him. He so loves hearing from friends. Mom

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