Monday, April 16, 2012

John wanted me to share these pictures....


For those of you who are interested in what the doctor's have done to John's hand, and how it is attached to his groin with a skin flap, click on the link below. These pix are pg-13 and yes the skin flap has been formed to look like a tube.

John is in good spirits today... He is a little frustrated by how he can't get his left leg to work right (consequence of the bone graft donor site in left hip - it should get better) and a little anxious that he is now in charge of positioning the flap/tube so that the blood flow continues. The blood flow through the flap/tube is checked every hour and thus far there have been no show stopping issues.

Everyday John gets a little better, a little stronger, and with the doctor's telling him everything is looking good, a little bit more at ease with the decision he has made.


  1. Stay strong John!
    We are praying for your continued strength and know that your incredible attitude will see your through this.
    Big hugs from us,
    Carina and Co.

  2. That is AMAZING John! Lots of positive energy from the OCopenwaterswims group to you!
    Best wishes!!!

  3. Just saw this on Daily News of Open Water Swimming!

    Check this out!!!

  4. Wow that looks like a *very* impressive surgical feat!! The grafted skin/tube looks great!! I can't imagine what it's like but we are pulling for John to stay strong and positive and to know, this will pass into the past. We are thinking about you!!! Best from the Yen-Wangs....Margaret

  5. I'm with Lynn on this! WOW! I never pictured the procedure to be anything like this. You are amazing John, Keep smiling friend! See you soon :)