Wednesday, April 25, 2012

John is back in HMB

We are all back in HMB and John got to sleep in his own bed last night. Not as restful as he had anticipated as last night was the first time he slept under covers. Only got up once, but was able to sleep in until 9:15 a.m. That's my boy!! I'm always given a rough time when I get up late and this time I beat him out of bed. Probably the only time that will happen. It continues to be difficult for him to find a position sitting up that keeps his thumb in the proper alignment. May 3rd can't get here fast enough for him, but he is such a trooper and never complains. We just move around until we find one that works. Please keep those emails, phone calls, visits and notes coming. They ate a real boost to his spirit.


  1. Heya John (and Mom)! It's been great to follow your progress on this blog. You look GREAT and the pixs of the surgery are so impressive. Good to know you are home and doing well. Best to you all...Margaret (of the Yen-Wangs)

  2. John, 8 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!