Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decision Made

John has decided that Tuesday is the day he will be heading back to HMB. He has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning where the drain will be removed and some of the staples. I think he is ready to break out of jail and head home to his own bed, shower and a different meal plan. The p.t. at Lytton Gardens was great, but not great enough to warrant 23 more hrs. per day there. He said that he learned a lot and that he can do what he needs to do at home or we will head over the hill to the club. I can't wait to have him home. Mom


  1. Glad you (Nancy) and Bernie are willing to assist from HMB!! That is wonderful news! A positive healing place both mentally and physically is what John needs :)

    Keep Going John!!!!!
    Love from LBC.

  2. Great news John! You are going to do AWESOME!!!
    Hope you are home and thriving soon.
    Many positive thoughts from our swimming group, down south.