Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday evening...


I just talked to John tonight and he is in good spirits. I think getting a little sun helped him out today. That is Joel, Billy, and Gabor hanging with John.

I don't know how many units of blood John has gotten since the accident but if you all want to help out, please visit your local blood bank and make a donation!

Also, if you know other people who you think should get this blog, please email me, or leave a comment and let me know.



  1. look MAH-VAH-LOUS!! We are thinking of you and we know you have more than enough strong spirit to tackle this recovery period.

    Big giant hugs to you from us, the Yen-Wangs

  2. John, your smile inspires me! I am late on my 8 week routine visit to the Red Cross. I will be giving blood today at lunch. I only wish I could have the blood sent your way from GA.

    You remind me to live each day with passion and enjoy the sun.