Thursday, September 22, 2011

news from the man himself

i'm actually typing this on my own and can't quite pull off caps and symbols so cut me some slack...

1st off - thanks for all of the calls, cards and well wishes. they do help.

i met my new hand surgeon on monday and was relieved that he immediately started treating me like this was no big deal; almost like he sees 3-4 guys in my condition every day. he said that it didn't look like he'd have to fix dr. galpins work - a compliment? - but i might need some work before the toe/thumb switch

Jen here now... John's fingers gave out :)

Yesterday I went to PT and tested range of motion (ROM) - lots of work to do in the hand, wrist and fingers... but this is her gig. Jennifer (the PT gal) also made me a CUSTOM thermoplastic removable splint/ cast. If you've ever had a mouth guard - same stuff. I've now got "homework" to do - to keep me moving. I go again today... and then it looks like 3x/ week until they say so :)

I'm going to have another specialist for my right arm - haven't set that appointment yet - will do so after the next meeting with my surgeon (Oct 3).

ready for his Coke - so gotta go!
Jen (attorney in fact for John Caughlin) - ha!

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