Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A hui hou

"A hui hou" - until we meet again. We bid farewell to Joel and Gabor (Half Moon Bay swim crew) and Bill (friend since college) last night after a wonderful visit. They delivered cards and stories and love from all over. John was so happy and moved by all of the support. The guys even brought the ocean (in a bucket!) to John - we took him outside and he was able to get his feet back in the ocean he loves so much. Amazing. As difficult as it was to say goodbye, John was happy to send his love back with them to share with all - until he can do it in person. Mike Spaulding came by for a visit (and an inspirational side trip for Jen, Joel and Gabor to the sacred waters). John had a good night last night... And today has been a gift. Hug your family and friends and be well. Jen (John's sister)

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