Thursday, September 8, 2011

just adding some of the email posts.

Just giving you an update on John...

He is still doing well. He is roaming the halls 2-3 times/day. Tomorrow, he is scheduled for a follow up surgery to finish up some ligament and tendon work, wound cleaning, and just an overall check. The doctor said that if the surgery goes well (and he thinks it will), that John should be able to get out of the hospital this coming weekend or Monday. The doctor said that he would not discharge John unless he thought John could travel to the west coast.

That said, John's return date to the west coast has not been determined yet but might be very soon! John will be going back to San Diego to Jen's house where he will get a new hand/orthopedic surgeon who will then be in charge of John's care. The immediate future has John recovering from tomorrow's surgery--he will have a soft cast on his left arm since he has a broken wrist and other bone damage. John should have that on for 4-6 weeks and once after that, he will be off and running on learning how to use his left arm. There is a possibility 2-3 months down the road, that John will shed a toe to become a thumb on his left hand. After that, prosthesis for his right. Until he gets his cast off, he is going to be dependent on his family and friends while living at his sister's house. The doctor says that after the cast comes off, that John will gain his independence by leaps and bounds!

John has been touched by the love/prayers/thoughts of everyone and is accepting the challenges that are ahead of him.

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