Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just want to put some stuff here so we have it readily available when the time comes...

This is stuff about prosthetics.

Chunk of email from Jacques--Matt's brother in law:
Just thought John would be interested in some of the prosthetics out there. There's some crazy cool stuff out there. This hand that the maker of the Segway is developing looks AMAZING. This video is 3 years old too so I'm sure it's farther along. In fact, I think it's in clinical trials right now.

Here's a link to the companies website. Looks slicker in the current pictures:

Here's some stuff about transferring Motor and sensory nerves so that you can use the original nerves to control a prosthesis.

Just thought he might appreciate this stuff at some point. :)
Chunk of email from Jeff and links from Jeff showing off the work of his old neighbor (Jeff and his family moved from Oak Park, Il to the Atlanta area.

Our old neighbor in Oak Park, Todd Kuiken, is a world famous Dr who has been working on essentially creating bionic limbs. He can do some sort of nerve graft with a prosthetic to create a working limb. I don't really understand it too well but it is amazing what he can do. He is even an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. Todd is also just a really great all around guy who has lots of experience with amputations and I'm sure could be an invaluable resourse. I emailed him about Johns situation and here is his response. I know it is not San Diego but it may be worth a consultation. We have lots of friends and family in the area and I am sure we can find somewhere for John to stay if need be.

Here is a link to Todd's info at the Rehab Institute.

Some interesting clips of Todd to look at:

Stuff from Tim's friend Chad whom I think is part of the group, "stumps".

I wrote my prosthetist and found out info on a good arm guy. Here is the info (Hanger is the largest Prosthetics company in the U.S.):
The guy to see is Jim Kaywood, Hanger Vallejo. He has more experience than anyone in the area and only does arm


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