Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More on the backstory...

Most folks who have talked to John about this swim, or any other swimming he has done, have heard him say that he has no technique and that he is slow. I have heard him say all that he is trying to do is not swallow too much water! I have always thought that John's technique lends itself to rougher water. I theorize that John developed this technique early in his life when skipping school and going body surfing. Anyway, here are links to John and Mike swimming the Maui Channel Swim a couple of weeks ago. Sure looks to me like John and Mike are kicking arse!

Boat ride out to Lanai:

John and Mike about 2 hours in:

John and Mike about 5 hours in:

Thanks Nell for taking the videos!


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  1. I had the luck of watching those strokes from closeup many (not enough) times and I've never thought of them as slow. Slicing through rough waters with a smile is what I recall seeing while I was clenching my teeth to keep up. Yes John, I remember those swims too :)