Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texas in Sept?

There is a ton of information for amputees on the internet, but the more I look (and I've spent hours and hours) the more I've started to come to grips that there just are not that many upper-extremity amputees out there.

So many great articles, videos and ads aimed at prosthetic legs users, and while I'm happy to watch things like Aimee's 12 pairs of legs, I'd really like to see even one print ad with an open water swimmer or cyclist with 3 fingers.

Until then, I may have to think about heading out to Olney for the annual dove hunt
.... and get my 40cent breakfast.


  1. John, check out http://onehandedblogger.com/.

  2. I found his blog when I was in Maui but only read the first few posts then forgot about it - I blame the pain drugs. Thanks for reminding me about him.