Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing the game

For those of you wondering when I will get a prosthetic arm:

The mailman just delivered the news from my insurance company (Anthem Blue Cross).
They rejected my appeal.
"A myoelectric arm is not medically necessary".

It looked like they were really screwing me around by saying my doctor didn't supply information that they had requested (of course the requests were via US mail and sent to me only days before their deadline).  After a long talk on the phone they told me they've received documents and are trying to decide if they've made me wait long enough.  I should get an update by Friday.  Not to fear - I have not given up.


  1. Bullshit!

    Stay strong my friend.


    1. Dang John.... hang tough. They just want to see how bad you want it.

    2. Word, CJ! Go at it again John!

  2. Go after it again, John....Don't take NO for an answer. Unfortunately I think the system counts on people not being willing to be dogged!!!!