Friday, May 4, 2012

Free At Last - Almost

John's surgery yesterday went very well and he is back in HMB. His hand is now free from his groin and he can put his left arm up in the air over his head. The doctor's are very pleased with the outcome and John is much more comfortable. The only hitch is that he is now in a cast up to his elbow with his three fingers sticking out and his thumb partially exposed. He has to keep the forearm elevated most of the time and especially when he is sleeping, but he does have a lot more flexibility. He is back to using his index finger and his pinky to turn pages, pick up food and work the control for Netflix, etc. My job requirements have changed quite a bit with this procedure. We go back to the doctor on Tuesday and then we should hear when the next surgery will be set. We don't anticipate it being for several months as he has to be completely healed from this one to move on to the next step. Dr. Chang did tell John that he will be getting some exercises on Tuesday to work his arm.  Life is good.


  1. I vote that next to the word, "endure" in the dictionary, they put a picture of John....

  2. Very nice, progress, this is are good. John, thanks for the smile today!

  3. Alright John!!!! Love that smile.