Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post Op and Pain Management

We went to see Dr. Chang for post op this morning. He took off the cast, took X-rays and said that everything looks great (even though John's thumb looks like a sausage to us). We then went next door where he was fitted for a splint. This will be much easier for him, as we can remove it for showers instead of wrapping his arm in plastic. The doctor told us we would need to come in 3 times per week for wound care, the PA said "I think you're mom will do just fine and you can come in just once a week.". Yippee!!! It is about a 45 minute drive each way even if it is only 20 miles. After Dr. Chang we were off to lunch in the cafeteria, then on to the pain management doctor. A one hour appointment, of which we spent approx. 15 min.with the doctor. He is going to do an injection into the neuroma on June 19th - the same day as John's pre-op for the next surgery which is scheduled for 6-25. This one will be on his middle finger, trying to free it up. We had hope to get a schedule of all the remaining surgeries today, but Dr. Chang only scheduled this one. John just wants to see that the end is in sight, even if it is going to be December or later. He is still super positive and anxious to start working out again. Can't for while as he has to keep his blood pressure down and his hand up. This did not make him happy and hopefully he can get on the bike at the club soon. Life is good and we have been enjoying beautiful weather in HMB.

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