Saturday, November 12, 2011

VIP Treatment

It probably wasn't the best idea to schedule surgery the day before giving a 2-day seminar.... especially when I had not even met the client face-to-face.

Luckily the surgery didn't cause me much more pain than I'd already been dealing with, I was comfortable with the material and knew that the Orange County Water District would be there if I started to stumble and I did okay.

Thanks Bern for making the drive down and spending a day being my legal pad. Who knew learning about UV treatment could be so fun?

Thanks Jen for helping put the rest together. Working with you is a lot less frustrating than Dragon.

Thanks Justin for being my "right-hand" man on Wednesday and Thursday. It's a good thing that you're so good with buttons.

Thanks Dad for the shuttle service. I think he really came along just to see that people will pay to hear me talk.Most importantly, thank you Orange County Water District.

I left OCWD to ride across country in the Spring of 2009, but when I called to see if I could do this training for my new client they treated me like I had never left. In fact, I'm pretty sure the directors and people from Sacramento don't get the support that I had.

In order of appearance, but not importance: Bill D, Tyson, Pat, Mehul, Becky, Janice, Rae, John B, Mike Samples, Richie, Jimmy, Manny, Steve Clark, Don Supernaw, Mike Ewing, Tom, Joe, Juan, and even a special appearance at the Q & A by the GM, Mike Markus.

The pictures are of:
1. A SCVWD engineer practicing the repair of a micro filtration module.
2. An RO pressure vessel being unloaded.
3. The lamps/sleeves from a UV reactor.

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  1. So happy it all worked out great John. I'm glad we could all be the help you needed to get through it!