Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Successful Surgery

*John was cold from the anesthesia after surgery -
I couldn't resist taking a photo.

First stateside surgery today. Outpatient procedure to remove the scar tissue in his middle finger. John has been making HUGE strides (with the help of PT Jen and masseuse Lisa) to increase the range of motion in his wrist and fingers. His pinky and ring fingers look great - most of the swelling has subsided and he is able to move them. With these TWO fingers he can use his phone, the computer, feed himself grapes, pretzels and other small stuff. He's still working on opening a Coke can - almost there! His middle finger has been "locked" - which has been a source of frustration for John. The only way to remedy this was to have surgery. Now, with PT... more PT... and more PT... he's hoping to get that finger moving like the other two. He'll start back with PT on Friday.
Dr. Chao also removed what was left of one of the original skin grafts and replaced it with a synthetic thin graft - just to speed along the healing process. That graft should come off next week when John sees Dr. Chao again.
As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, John is now headed up to Seal Beach to hang with our parents for a few days. He's leading a training seminar tomorrow and Thursday at the OCWD (Orange County Water District). Stay tuned :)


  1. Wow John!! An action-packed few days between the surgery and your training work!! We are thinking about you all the time and delighted that the surgery seemed to go easily. Big hugs to you, Margaret and gang

  2. Great news on the surgery!!! Hope the training session went well.
    Awesome news!
    Stay warm!