Thursday, August 9, 2012


I found out that I can stop taking iv antibiotics at yesterdays appointment. 

Then she told me I need to be on oral antibiotics for 4 more weeks...

And that I need to keep flushing the tunnel catheter daily until it is removed
(Another surgical procedure that will most likely require a pre-op appointment too).

I am looking forward to having my neuroma (the nerve mass in my right arm) moved on Monday...
even if it's another surgery and they will put in a portable pain pump (continuously add drug for 2-3 days).

Oh well, at least I'm moving forward.


  1. It was great to see you!! It's all moving forward!! The driving, the bicycling, and I am very glad they are going to remove the neuroma. Please say hi to your Mom for me.

  2. Hooray for progress!!! I hope that the neuroma procedure goes well.
    Also neat to hear about your driving. That is awesome! I think you are brave. I have never been comfortable driving, so you are an inspiration there!

  3. Thanks for the update John.

    You have made incredible progress in the last year, friend... Probably record breaking! Keep plugging away, and stay confident knowing that you kick ass!!!

    You are in my daily thoughts.

    love, Bern