Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy week

Normally I'd say that a week begins on Monday, but I've been busy since Friday.

It started with 3 days at the Pacific Masters Long Course (50m) Championships.
I didn't swim (due to having the line in my chest) but the meet was held at my club (San Mateo Marlins/Masters) so I timed...Actually I could only do half of the job so I dragged my parents up to help and spent the time chatting with friends.  The meet was great, but we were at the pool for almost 12hrs each day.

On Monday I had my neuroma (and a second one that I didn't know about) buried.  The doc was happy with the surgery, but she had me drugged up (neurotin, a nerve block and a pain pump installed) to the point that even after crashing for 4 hours I was loopy the entire night.

Tuesday I met with my hand surgeon and set a date for some work on my middle finger.

Wednesday I reclaimed some chest space by having my iv line removed.

And today I ditched the pain pump...

and lots of chest hair.


  1. WOW, that *is* progress and it happened pretty quickly since your previous post!!! Great news on all fronts!! Hope the swim meets were big fun too!!! When do they work on your finger? Take care...M and the Yen-Wangs

  2. Wow! That is a lot of stuff to have attached to you. And I don't know about the chest hair. It makes my "Eel grass complaint" seem so very minimal (but have I said I hate eel grass lately?)
    Glad the neuroma is history...and the rest.
    Hurray for progress!!!