Monday, January 9, 2012

It did happen

I talked my friend (and pro photographer) Bernadette into learning iMovie and to string together the clips from my Maui 2011 swim into a video. Watching swimming is rarely fun (especially when you don't label yourself a swimmer) and to top it off, my stroke has never been considered graceful so I am so grateful that she fought through this project and created this:

Not surprisingly my favorite parts were Scot's comments.

Man, that swim was fun.

Thanks Bern.

And thanks again to my crew (Cpt. Killer, Pablo, Kai, Laurel, Nell, Scot, Jane) and of course my fellow soloist Mike.

Here's another perspective with a much stronger (and better looking) swimmer.
A note on this swimmer: Mike and I met Laura at the pre-race meeting and again on the beach at the start and it was obvious to me that she "gets it"....and that she was going to crush this swim.


  1. Thanks for all the kudos, John!! Piecing this together WAS challenging...learning iMovie and picking music.. but the biggest challenge was committing to sitting down to work on it for the 10+ hours it took to make! Editing time doesn't mean anything to me anymore. When I became a digital photographer, I signed up for a lifetime of sitting in front of the computer, so I have no concept of time working- I just do it. The 10+ hours was difficult because I had to immerse myself into the swim that nearly took your life. Emotions ran high, with both the excitement of this amazing event and your level of experience to get there, but still ran low with thoughts of the aftermath. Still, I'M GLAD I DECIDED TO TAKE IT ON :)! My favorite part of the movie is when your support crew is cheering you on near the end! I walked away from making this movie on a high, and excited about your future, John.

    I Love you, and I can't wait to make the next film together when you get back in the water!

    Peace, Strength, Patience and little bit of Ego,


  2. What a fantastic well-paced edit! Almost felt motion sick in the 25 mph winds (been there too)
    Really well done Bernadette!