Friday, October 7, 2011

what do you do all day?

People keep asking John what he does all day.... my friends ask me what I'm doing all day....
the simple answer is this: nothing - and everything. All the little tasks we two-handed folk take for granted take John more time - and sometimes even MORE time, if I'm being pulled in multiple directions (kids need help with homework/ trash needs to be emptied/ laundry is calling...) We really have no idea where out time goes - only that it does...
shower/ brush teeth/ change dressing/ get dressed/ breakfast/ check email/ meds/ talk with someone on phone/ get in and out of car/ PT appointment/ doctor appointment/ nap/ at-home PT exercises/ massage/ watch HULU movies/ listen to music/ check blogs- surf web/ lunch/ read mail/ walk dog/meds/ get kids from school/ sporting events/ dishwasher/ laundry/ dinner/ meds/ watch TV/ brush teeth/ get ready for bed/ bed/ meds... rinse & repeat. Each day brings something new - good and/ or bad: more movement in the fingers (good!)... more scabs falling off (good!)... John turning pages in a magazine (good!)... John fastening his shoes (good!).... and pain (bad!)

Highlights include when people have come to visit:
Scot flew home with John and spent the weekend... Hank came for dinner... Bernadette spent a day... Mike, Lynne & Ronnie came by for an afternoon... Chris, Kathy & Kaitlin came for the weekend... Christopher, Nicole & Nicholas came for the day... John came for a visit on his way home from a cruise!.... Tim & Diane came for the day... Brian came for PT and lunch... Aunt Cheryl came for the afternoon and brought a bicycle... Mom and Dad come down for days or weekends often... a steady stream of Jen & Brian's friends come by daily bringing dinner... Bertie... Kathy... Jeff...

call him - or send him a note/ email... or find a time to come visit... Half Moon Bay/ Bay Area folks: John will be at his house for about 10 days around Thanksgiving - he'd love to see you up there!

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  1. Jenn,

    You are incredibly courageous, patient, REAL, kind, loving and so much more to your brother/friend. I want you to know I think about you and your family's role in this battle almost as much as John. Hang in there friend, and keep laughing! :)