Thursday, October 27, 2011

"The top 1%"

I've never considered myself the top 1/% in ANY group, but this is exactly where my prosthetist says my right arm is in terms of recovery. For those of you who might not know what a prosthetist is - he's the guy who will build and fit me for my new cool arms. This was very good news because I've been getting conflicting reports as to its status.

So, how did I get this news? I met Jonathan of Hanger Prosthetics at the CAF event last weekend and was convinced that this guy was going to get me back in the water. Today was my first appointment with him and we checked muscle strength and my ability to send discreet signals from my bicep and tricep muscles. These signals will allow me to use myoelectric arms - like the iLimb that I have previously posted a video for.

We also talked about a swim arm- an attachment to my right arm that will flare out when I enter the water and retract during the recovery of my stroke. He told me without the correct adjustments I would favor this arm because of its better "catch". Who would have thought my right arm could be a cheater? Maybe I'll still be able to ditch the swim buoy.

Super excited about getting a new stable of arms! But... Jonathan says the focus needs to be on my left hand recovery because that is what is going to help me get in and out of my right arm. So, my next meeting with him will be in December.

Scheduled an out-patient hand surgery for November 8th. The doctor will open up and manipulate my middle finger and frozen knuckle. Hopefully this will allow my finger to recover completely so that I have full range of motion.

Of course I can't take the easy route for anything - so I've scheduled a two day training at the OCWD (Orange County Water District- my "old" job) for the SCVWD (Santa Clara Valley Water District- my new contract). Luckily, the people at OCWD have promised to prop me up if I fall down.

If you've read this far... it's time for a break.
jc (with help from jd)


  1. Great news about both your appointment/experience with Jonathan and doing the Training sessions!! It will be so good for you to get your groove back and teach those operators. Yay!!!

  2. Awesome news! That iLimb totally rocks; it's amazing really. And as far as top 1% your friends and family and all that know you had no doubt :o) Way to go >)))*>