Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today I went down to La Jolla with my mom and dad to watch part of the San Diego Tri which is put on by CAF. The full tri- was 1mi swim - 44 bike - 10 run, but there were lots of options/modifications including relays. I really wanted to see some one-armed swimmers, but was blown away by the full field of athletes. Except for a few brief moments, I have not stopped looking forward to getting back to swimming, riding...and just becoming independent again, but the memory of watching a man missing both legs work his way up the stairs at the Cove with a young, double amputee on his back and the many kids under 10 bouncing around on sets of blades getting ready for the run will definitely keep me on the right path.

Hug your family and friends and be thankful for having this day.



  1. I was inspired by your post and went to the CAF San Diego Triathlon site to learn a little more about the event. The slideshow they have from 2010 was too good not to share. So here it is:

  2. Hi John,

    This experience which so clearly touched you, also touched me through your post. Thank you for sharing with us and allowing us to be with you.