Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's not cold. It's home.

Today I finally got in the ocean

No, not the +60 (or 70) degree salt water that I grew up with, but the 50-something degree stuff that I have learned to love over the past few years and have been denied the last 14 months.

The wind had been blowing all night, but the sky was clear (something to celebrate here in HMB) and Surfers Beach was glassy AND EMPTY.

Me, Joel, Lezlee

I decided against the wetsuit, but had to throw on some cruiser fins so that I'd have a chance to make it to the Miramar and back.

They gave me a head start (and I needed it)

I knew that it wouldn't be easy getting into 54 degree water and I wasn't disappointed.
What did surprise me was how good it felt 10min into the swim.

My wing-men: Gabor and Joel

I really want to thank Gabor, Joel and Lezlee for sharing such a magical morning with me.


  1. Wow does it look COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLD!!! But I am delighted you had a great swim out there!!!

  2. Beast.... or as Jack said... Boss.

  3. I have the biggest smile EVER right now!! How cool, John. KEEP GOING FRIEND.


  4. Fantastic photos of a magical morning! Thank you