Friday, July 13, 2012

This could be a problem

Renewing my drivers license might be more challenging than I thought.

Can you spot why?

See below for the answer

I think that this might blow their minds.


  1. I wonder what they will have you use now? Also--have you ever had all your fingers printed? You might now not be in any fingerprint database! Time to consider that job in nefarious activities??

  2. Well, THIS is interesting! ;)

  3. John,
    OK, no drivers license???? Looks like you would have issues with Question #1 as well. The way the drivers are in Hawaii, you are very welcome to try here as apparently they are very lenient. Can you drive with your set all the way forward and the seat back 12" from the wheel? They drive like this daily.

    Whats happening, haven't heard...