Monday, February 6, 2012

The making of an arm

So this happened awhile ago, but thought I'd share how a prosthetic arm mold is made.

Step 1:  Strip down, throw on an apron and saran wrap everything up.
Step 2:  Wrap the stump with plaster (like a typical cast).

Step 3:  Let it dry.

Skip a few steps including when I almost passed out when Jon tried to pull the mold off (my arm cramped which shifted the muscle down into the mold.  Not fun).  Then Jon and his aide made a test socket with the mold.
Step 6?  Slipping my stump into the socket with the aid of a nylon sock.

Last Step:  Jon checking for spots that are tight and or loose. 
 I've been wearing this for a couple hours each day (It's fitted with a shoulder harness and chest strap) to get used to it.  Hopefully I will be getting my arm/hand in the next few week so stay tuned.


  1. Shit yeah!! This is great wonderful news John :) I'm guessing you are one of the soonest ever to get one made given the small amount of time that has passed since the accident. Am I right? Don't be modest!

    See you next weekend!

    1. Sorry Bern, but I'm not ahead of the curve on this one. I've read that they typically fit you asap especially for lower limb loss. My asap is now because we were focusing on rehab of my wrist, fingers and the prosthetist thought it would be better if I could put on my own arm.

      Hopefully my insurance has approved the arm by now (I find out Wed) so I can have the arm as early as next week.

    2. ohhhh, well then, you stink - you better get with it! ;)

      See you tomorrow night, slacker.

  2. Wow...Cool!!! Will you get a swimming arm?