Monday, February 27, 2012

Home sweet home

I love my family,
my sister and her family have been amazing,
and it's hard to complain about the weather in SoCal
But I have still been missing Half Moon Bay. 

So when the Dorseys were headed skiing and my mom was vacationing with a friend I knew I had to try and talk my dad into hauling me back to the Bay Area for some R&R. 

Fortunately I didn't have to beg...
even after I told him Lucky would be coming too.

Lucky and his toy
 It was a great week.
  • Perfect weather.
  • Plenty of visits with friends (or as Joel would say "I got my love tank filled up").
  • Lots of walks on the bluff and beach (thanks Lucky).
  • And I was able to swim with the team. (Maybe swimming "with the team" is a bit of an exaggeration, but I was in the water at the same time as the team.)
More on the swimming:
I made it to the pool on four consecutive days (including 1 day of LC with the ladies). 
Each day Coach Tom tried to make me believe that I can become a kicker despite my history and lack of experience incorporating any of the advice that past and present coaches have offered me.  I tried and will continue to work on it because I really want to swim open water again (and I hate running).
Coach Tom on the deck at the San Mateo Athletic Club

 * I'm holding off on the swim prosthetic until I maximize my kick & my right shoulder is ready for it.


  1. So you want the open ocean again... GREAT! We are your extended family in Hawaii and cant wait to reunite for the Maui Chanel Swim. My hart has been heavy for this event and I too (to some extent) look forward to its challenges. The 9 miles across from Lani to Maui actually took 60 miles for me to cross, not including the other two ski's.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. I saw a neat blog (I can not find now) where Mallory Mead recommends training with Zoomers to improve the kick.
    You might experiment with different types of fins to engage your legs and core. I like the "floaty" Alpha fins for ocean swimming and I have paddle-like fins I can do breast stroke kick with.