Friday, December 30, 2011

What happened to that guy?

That's what I have said to my reflection more than a few times since September so I'm not surprised when little kids do a double take or just stare at me when I'm out. What continually surprises me is how quickly many kids just accept a 3 fingered man who is missing half of his other arm.

Sure, my niece and nephews have been great ever since invading their house; 9 yr old Jack even told me that my hand "didn't look that bad" over a month ago (of course he followed it up with "It didn't look like a hand for a long time"), but I'd chalked that up to coaching by my sister and brother-in-law.

But I've also had these experiences:

When my buddy Chris told his 2 year old to "hold uncle Johns hand" while we were walking through a restaurant, she reached up for my right hand, moved to my left, took a second glance at my fingers then took hold of my middle finger (I think she even shrugged like "whatever").

Yesterday I had a similar experience with little Nicolas. He and his parents were in the area and dropped by to take me to lunch here in Encinitas. After lunch we decided to go for a walk down to the beach. I guess for Nicolas walking is code for "lots of arm swinging" so he grabbed my hand reached out for Christoper's and the fun began.

Not everyone can be so accepting, but I'm hoping to learn more from these kids.


  1. Hi John its Grant.
    I tried to send a message a few minutes ago but I don't think it worked, this is the first time a blogged.
    I was thinking a lot of you lately and messed around on the web and found this site.
    Its really nice to see you in the coke video...its the little things in life that are important.
    Say hi to your mom and sister and family. Hope to see you this summer to complete the Race.
    I think the world of you as you have truly impacted my life forever.
    Have a good news years.

  2. This is very endearing. More like it, please :)

  3. Great post John! I know you are going to come out of this as a shining inspiration! You already are.