Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still have my piggies

My franken-thumb started acting up a few weeks ago so had to make a trip to see the doc.
His comment?
"Know what would make this better?  A toe!"

Yep, he still wants to re-locate my toe.

I'm still not ready for
  • a week in a hospital bed, 
  • month(s?) in a wheelchair and 
  • months without a hand.
It might happen, but I can happily report that I went under the knife today and came back with a slightly stubbier franken-thumb and all 10 toes. (and he does not think the bone infection is back).

Next couple of weeks will be out of the water and restricted hand use.
Luckily I have my mom up again to help out.

1 comment:

  1. Bummed that you are having out-of-the-water time. I wish I could wave some magic mermaid wand and make this sh*t go away.
    And seriously can't imagine a sacrificial Piggie to make it better???
    Lots of positive energy coming to you from Oak Street, John!!!
    Hope you can come swim with us again soon...or we can get our asses up for a field trip!!!